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Northampton Public Shade Tree Commission

The seven-member Northampton’s Public Shade Tree Commission works with our Tree Warden, Rich Parasiliti, to grow and protect our public shade tree canopy.

Their FY 2015-16 goals include launching a thorough tree inventory of Northampton’s public shade trees, seeking public input in crafting a 20 year vision for our tree canopy, planting 100 street trees, and reviewing Northampton’s ordinances that relate to tree protection.

Northampton Tree Warden

Massachusetts Tree Wardens and Foresters Assn. – What is a Tree Warden?

Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Official Website of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and Community Forestry FAQs, Resources, and Fact Sheets

Northampton My Tree Keeper: A map that tracks every tree on public land in Northampton. When you click on a specific tree, it shows detailed information, including photos of the species, the cost and benefit of each tree in dollars.

In the News

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Information Sources

Urban Tree Selection in a Changing Climate

UMass: Long-term Drought Effects on Trees and Shrubs

Urban Forestry Today: Webcasts

Elm Watch: American Elm Restoration

John Ball, Forest Health Specialist and Aar on Kiesz, Urban and Community Forestry Specialist: The Basics of Tree Pruning

Mass.gov: Picks and Shovels: Urban and Community Forestry FAQs, Resources, and Fact Sheets

TreesAreGood.com: The Benefits of Trees

Specific Tree Information

Cornell University: Woody Plants Database

Cornell University: Recommended Urban Trees Collection

Vermont Tree Selection Guide

Wikipedia: List of trees and shrubs by taxonomic family

Pests and Disease

USDA: Asian Longhorned Beetle: Annotated Host List